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[S1E8] Welcome Home Raccooned

Airs Wednesday, June 19, 2013 at 8:00 p.m. ET\/PT. Check your local listings.\n","video_long_description":"Predatory pythons have thrived in the protected wilderness of Everglades National Park. 6-19-2013\n","video_airdate":"2011-10-26","video_rating":"NR","video_duration":30,"video_expiredate":"","video_window":"public","video_iframe":"\/\/\/widget\/partnerplayer\/1619349940\/?endscreen=false&topbar=true","video_meta_row":"Premiere: 10\/26\/2011 00:00:30 NR","seasonality":"S28 Ep8"}],"full_length":"1": 00:53:10 }About the EpisodeAs part of an ever popular international pet trade market, and incidentally along paths of human travel, many exotic animals have been removed from their native lands and landed where they are not necessarily welcome arrivals. Among these invasive species are a growing number of Burmese pythons, which have taken up residence in the wetlands of Florida, courtesy of overwhelmed pet owners and hurricane-hit animal warehouses.

[S1E8] Welcome Home Raccooned



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