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Companies That Buy Excess Inventory

Excess & Obsolete inventory is the most common problem in supply chain. However, Excess inventory does not have to become a liability. Rather than incur more inventory carrying cost on excess inventory, there are some practical opportunities to sell and make cash when you liquidate inventory. Thanks to consistent technological advancement, it is now possible to sell any inventory from any part of the world. There are a lot of websites on which you can liquidate the inventory and you can be assured that it will sell easily and faster within a second click of the button. Irrespective of your business structure and size, you can turn sales of excess inventory into a way of generating some income to put back into your business, which is otherwise money stuck in the shape of the product.Get Excess and Obsolete Inventory Policy

companies that buy excess inventory

LiquidateNow is an online platform with vast specialization in liquidating excess and unneeded inventory. When you are bothered about inventory carrying costs and thinking of liquidating, this website is here for you.

Product liquidators specialize in liquidating all kinds of wholesale merchandise for companies. Without any stress or risk involved in a business, you can liquidate inventory from anywhere. Through calls or filling of form on the site, you are good to go. Provide brief information about the inventory, upload image, state your location, wait for its reviewing and receive your full payment as soon as possible and prepare the items for pick-up. The categories include anything retail-ready.

BoxFox serves the need of those who want to clear excess inventory in a one-time quick transaction. The business which has been in operation for 33years boasts of a vast network of sellers and buyers but the focus is on stocks in new condition. Cost is also effectively managed as buyers carry shipping costs but you have to pay 5% transaction fee. The warehouse facility of BoxFox is located in Chicago, IL.

J2 sourcing is concerned with providing its vast customers with whatever stock they are looking for. Hence, it is also a platform for sellers who are looking for platforms to liquidate inventory. So, if you are looking for a team of professionals to liquidate your inventory, J2 Sourcing has the ability to bring your stock in close contact with a buyer. Of course, they are always in the demands of different components of electronics. This has been the engagement in the past 13 years. Its categories are all electronic components and excesses. Usually, there has to be a form of partnership that shows that until sold, the ownership title belongs to the seller even though they are physically stored at J2. It is located at J2 Sourcing AB, Kantyxegatan 29, SE-21376 Malmo, Sweden.

You can liquidate inventory fast and make cash on the right websites. This same cash can be reinvested into your business in order to enable growth. Meanwhile, flexibility and comfort are two factors that cannot be taken for granted when talking about liquidating inventory via online websites. Of course, there are other websites besides the above but they have been carefully selected because of the user-friendly interface that allows for easy navigation, the process, professional skills and years of expertise. Rather than incur costs on warehousing, space issues and maintenance, get started and see how easy it has become to liquidate the inventory and turn it into cash online.

Merchandise USA is a closeout buyer and excess inventory liquidator in business more than 35 years. We have 100,000 square feet of distribution space in Chicago, IL and we are always in the market to buy closeouts and overstock inventory. Whether you are interested in liquidating a complete warehouse full of products, or just selling surplus or overstock of a few items, you are definitely in the right place. We are one of the industry's premier and most reputable closeout buyers and you can count on us for almost four decades of knowledge and experience in buying excess inventory and guiding sellers through the closeout process. We have an excellent reputation, A+ credit, and an extensive background in buying and selling excess inventory.

We are a liquidators of obsolete toys, surplus housewares, giftware, home decor, novelties, and juvenile products. We buy closeouts of excess pet products, lawn and garden merchandise and all other surplus inventory for sale. We are always looking to buy closeouts and discontinued inventory from importers, distributors, fulfillment warehouses, 3rd party logistics warehouses, factories, wholesale companies and Amazon FBA sellers. We specialize in buying closeout, excess, overstock, liquidation and discontinued products.

Our customer base is made up of discount stores, drug chains, variety outlets, redemption centers, liquidators, closeout buyers and online sellers. And thanks to our many years in business we have built a sizable distribution system that will not interfere with your everyday wholesale channels. You can rest assured when you sell us your closeouts that your inventory will be re-distributed into secondary markets throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, South America and Central America.

Make us your #1 partner with closeout inventory liquidation for any of the following reasons: Bankruptcy, shutting down your business, reorganization, slow moving inventory, liquidation sale, overstock, closeout sale, liquidation due to Covid-19, excess inventory, closing your warehouse, surplus inventory, 3PL warehouse closing, downsizing your business, or any other reason you may need to quickly sell inventory for cash. We make immediate buying decisions and can issue purchase orders, schedule pickups, and make payments within days. Please include as many details as possible with your offer including item descriptions, quantity available, asking prices, pictures, etc.

Whether you are a new company or a seasoned large corporation, it is important to remember that where you sell your surplus inventory and liquidation overstock is very important. Merchandise USA was founded in 1984 on the basic principles of honesty and integrity. If you looking for a surplus inventory buyer It is always our goal to partner with vendors and buy surplus inventory that benefits both parties. So if you are looking to sell surplus inventory or sell obsolete inventory, we are ready to buy your surplus inventory for cash so you can sell your end of line stock and clean out your warehouse. We can also be helpful if you are downsizing your warehouse or shutting down your warehouse and closing down all operations. We buy closeouts from companies for many reasons including companies that have been bought out and have excess inventory to a company that has excess stock from a previous season and needs to get rid of excess inventory immediately. Merchandise USA is a reputable wholesale liquidator that will buy your problem overstock, surplus, excess, discontinued and obsolete inventory. We can also help if you are shutting down your warehouse or moving your warehouse.

As one of America's leading closeout wholesale liquidators, we have forged wholesale partnerships with some of America's largest companies. If you are looking to sell excess inventory, Merchandise USA will buy your closeout and overstock inventory, ship it to our large warehousing and distribution facility in Chicago, and re-sell it into a secondary market that will not affect your everyday sales. Whether you have excess inventory taking up valuable warehouse space, retiring obsolete inventory for new lines, or shutting down your business, call us first to buy your overstock stock. Where you sell surplus inventory is important because when we are surplus buyers that know how to liquidate inventory without disrupting your regular distribution channels. Not all excess inventory buyers are created equal. Merchandise USA understands the value in being a surplus buyer that can strategically place your closeout merchandise in our supply channels so you will never see it again. Not all closeout buyers know how to do this and not all inventory liquidators see the important value to this service. If it has become too competitive on Amazon and you had to close your business, or you are experiencing high warehouse costs, you can turn to us to get rid of excess inventory, sell closeouts, and sell surplus inventory to one of the largest closeout buyers in the industry. Inventory liquidators have been buying unwanted inventory from companies for many years, but Merchandise USA is a leader in the industry so if you inventory isn't selling please contact us today.

We can help you with all of your overbought merchandise. Contact us with closeouts for sale if you are looking for a reliable closeout buyer who will do what we promise. We are closeout buyers and surplus inventory buyers of discontinued pet supplies, merchandise for liquidation, wholesale school supplies, bulk closeout toys, dollar store items, obsolete inventory, wholesale goods, closeout deals, wholesale birthday party supplies, liquidation lots, wholesale dog supplies and any other closeouts or wholesale items you need to get rid of. If you need to liquidate merchandise, we are ready to make a wholesale purchase and are always buying pallets of merchandise and truckloads of excess inventory. If you are looking to liquidate inventory, contact us today with any closeout liquidations and overstock items for sale. If you need to liquidate merchandise and put money in your pocket, we are the closeout buyers for you. We are one of the largest wholesale liquidators for many reasons and it is always our goal to be fair and transparent when we buy excess inventory. You may be shutting down your warehouse and selling all inventory, or maybe you had to close your business or you are moving warehouses because your inventory isn't selling. It is also possible your warehouse expenses or Amazon long term storage fees are too high and you need to make room in your warehouse by finding excess inventory buyers. If you overbought inventory and need to sell to free up warehouse space, it is possible you may want to look for inventory liquidators who can help. Contact us for an immediate response if you are selling unwanted merchandise or looking for a company to buy surplus inventory. 041b061a72


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