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when to seek help of a doctor? in all likelihood, if your pain wont subside within 2-4 days, its time to see your dentist. if you dont have any kind of pain, you cant understand what to look for, or youre unsure as to what the problem is, it may be best to leave things to the dental office. chances are, they are more experienced with oral health and will be better equipped to get to the bottom of your issue.

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your dentist is looking for three things: a sudden change in bite, swelling, or loosening of teeth. you could also have something, like a cavity, that is causing pain. treatments for tooth pain can range from over-the-counter pain pills (i.e. ibuprofen) to root canals and pullings. to reduce the chances of infection, maintain a good oral hygiene routine. floss all the teeth, brush twice a day, and use fluoridated toothpaste. pay attention to your gums. avoid bacteria-causing foods and beverages.

root canals are performed to treat extreme cases of tooth pain. a root canal is an invasive procedure that involves removing the infected area of the tooth, cleaning it, and filling it with a special type of composite resin. in an emergency, this treatment can prevent infection of the tooth, as well as take care of your root canal. follow-up appointments are usually necessary to ensure that the procedure was successful.

replacement caps and crowns are available to fill in or cover any noticeable cracks, chips, or to cover holes or spaces between teeth that have been ground down from grinding your teeth (also known as occlusal trauma). dental procedures can be costly, and the cost for the entire visit should be factored into your overall budget.


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