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Valve Hammer Editor 4.3: The Ultimate Guide for Mapping Enthusiasts

Before Team Fortress 2, there was Team Fortress Classic (TFC), which is a much older Valve map, wherein the two teams, the red and the blue, were different sides of the same map. This has all changed with Source 2, however, and the two teams are now competing over different levels, and deciding the fate of the entire map. TF2 brought about new game modes for each map, which have become extremely popular amongst players. These modes may modify how the players interact with the map, can put different classes in completely new environments, and can even switch up the order that the two teams face off. The list of all game modes can be found here:

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The Steam Workshop is a repository of user created content for video games. Valve announced it would include support for allowing Steam users to submit their creations into a store of user created content for games, and original content creators could publish their creations with in-game merchandising. Content creators could get a percentage of the in-game profits, and Steam users would be able to buy and resell in-game content for a small part of the original creators' profit. Valve launched Steam Workshop in beta status on November 9, 2012, releasing a beta version of their Steam Workshop application for Linux. In February 2013, Valve's own user-submitted content store was opened, allowing users to vote and buy their favorite user-made content. On September 19, 2013, Valve launched the Steam Workshop in the PC and Mac version of Steam, allowing users to submit custom content for other users to purchase and download for in-game use. The store also allows users to talk directly with other users to become friends, buy and sell in-game content, and even award other users for content they like.


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