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[S1E9] A Quiet Night In VERIFIED

It's full moon day. After a test sleepover in the den, Rhydian agrees to stay with the Smiths that night. Excited, he and Maddy run towards school and come across some hidden must-have designer clothes. CAST: Bobby Lockwood.

[S1E9] A Quiet Night In

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That brings us to the present. Ellie (Bella Ramsey) and Joel (Pedro Pascal) are navigating an abandoned highway. The hospital where the Fireflies are residing is nearby. Joel is as warm as we've ever seen him, cracking jokes and dusting off an ancient Boggle set ("If you wanna beat me at something, it would be this"). He muses he should find a guitar and teach her how to play. But Ellie is quiet and distant, and he's concerned.

"No," Renee says. "It's Nelson Road." And he smiles. Because Beard has sent the boys to have private playtime on the pitch of their beloved home team. As "We Are The Champions" plays, the boys take shots on goal, slide in the grass, run, shout and embrace each other. Coach Beard, who has spent this entire night trying to escape his own misery and failing, has done what some people do best in those circumstances: He has succeeded by giving joy to someone else.

When we return to Beard, he's making his way through the church to what turns out to be a hidden nightclub. And not just any nightclub: one with music and a DJ and costumes and acrobats hanging from the ceiling. Beard makes his way through the crowd, looking a bit stunned, and then slowly, you see him begin to bounce to the music. And you can see all that he's carrying in his body, in his slumped shoulders, in the way he looks around at the people dancing. The music suspends everyone in anticipation of the drop, and then: the drop.

This episode is kind of a talker, one of those that it's fun to break down with your friends after the fact, and my interpretations of it are no better than anyone else's. (I also secretly suspect someone will eventually reveal a grand theory that will make me go, "That's what it is!" and I salute that person in advance.) One of the things I find interesting about it is that the surface signifiers are at odds with the emotional story. For instance, this episode uses the classic romantic structure of a long night of searching that finally ends in a joyful reunion, but it's in service of a relationship that still seems quite toxic.

Night FeederBiographyNameNight FeederSpeciesUndetermined theropodOccupationPredatorEnemiesSpearFangStatusDeceasedProduction informationOnly appearance"The Night Feeder"The Night Feeder was a monstrous, enigmatic dinosaur that brutally killed its victims at night and was able to attack with unnatural stealth and speed.

The following night, the Night Feeder embarked on a wanton slaughter of a herd of ceratopsians that was travelling through its forest. Hidden by its camouflage, it terrorized and cut down the large herbivores throughout the night; even their attempt to form a defensive formation proved useless against its speed and claws. Nearby, Spear and Fang overheard the panicked, agonized cries of the ceratopsians; Spear wanted to investigate, but Fang prevented him from intervening, seemingly recognizing that they stood no chance against the creature. Once again, Spear would discover the gory aftermath during his and Fang's morning hunt, being feasted on by scavenging crows.

The following night, the Night Feeder found itself being terrorized by Spear and Fang, who created sparks to force it into a small clearing before surrounding it a circle of fire. With nowhere to go, the Night Feeder paced nervously before Spear threw a burning spear into its chest, causing it to erupt in flames. The creature could only futilely swipe at nothing and screech in pain before succumbing to the fire, blazing to death. ("The Night Feeder")

But Philip no longer being beholden to return to the family home every night has freed him up to take his sham relationship with Martha to another level, and because he stays the night, he comes face to face with Amador in the morning. Although, had he left in the night, it's more than likely a similar situation would have happened because Amador has been stalking Martha quite a bit, and what he got for it was a knife in the gut.

A lot of characters went off script this week, from Boss Man Gaad and his secret mission to take out local KGB (Arkady), Amador using his personal time to stalk Martha, Philip allowing Martha to fall in love with him and spending the night, to of course Stan having agents capture Vlad in consolation for Arkady, then killing him as revenge for his friend.

RIP Amador, and RIP poor Vlad. The show seemed to make a big statement this week about the confusion, frustration and impotence of the Cold War scenario. Amador didn't have to die, and Vlad certainly didn't, but they were both quiet casualties by frustrated people in a larger war that nobody can really acknowledge. Still, for Gaad to have suggested taking out an official in revenge for a top scientist and several FBI agents ... that's going pretty rogue and hugely escalating things. Although Vlad's death also sends a clear message of "tit for tat." After all, Amador was killed by Soviets, just not for the reasons anyone expected.

Claudia asks who else knows about the accident. Bernd says it happened during the night shift, so only the skeleton crew who were working that night, including Helge. He paid them all off with a large sum of money to keep quiet.

Keane on the other hand is beginning to discover the malfeasance among the church brass, particularly Brother Simon and Maria Walters. He learns it is them who are heading the corruption that likely usurped Bennett's power, and just as Keane makes a move to act on the knowledge, his friends the Regos end up dead in their tour bus, bullet holes in their bodies, blood leaking from their midriffs. Suicide or not, Keane now knows he must contend with forces other than the demon that continues to possess the Rance family. But of course, those two storylines also entangle. Regan makes a visit to the papal emissary and confronts brother Simon, who in turn recognizes the demon Pazuzu after years of trying to keep the demon quiet. No such luck. In one of the best parts of the episode, Regan makes Simon kiss her feet before lambasting Walters as being a desperately mediocre conduit between the living and dead. Regan then moves on to Mother Bernadette, who also recognizes the demon, claiming she knew they all should have killed it years ago. Regan does one better by slitting Bernadette's throat and snapping her neck without so much as touching her. She nonchalantly eats a snack while doing it!

In the episode, Beard stoically takes the subway home from the crushing defeat, imagines the announcers on TV are chastising him directly and heads out into the night. What ensues is a mix of philosophy, romance, derring-do, a beating, lots of drinking and ripped trousers, sometimes with fans of the team, sometimes with strangers.

Back in the Confederado's camp, night having fallen, some of the soldiers lift the bound William in his chair, turning him to face outward, near where Logan is sitting, drinking. Dolores, dragged forward by another soldier, who sits her on his lap, he and another solider pawing at her, as William squirms. Logan tells William that he feels this is 'big' of him. That, in as much as he collects strays, he considered William a friend. But...his scheming to join the Delos family by marrying his sister, Juliet, who...he points out...he seems to have forgotten all about. When William is unresponsive about her, Logan gets genuinely angry, and knocks his chair away, pulling out a photo of her, the same photo that Peter Abernathy found that triggered him, and puts it right in front of William's face. William looking uncomfortable. Shoving the photo into William's shirt, telling him he obviously needs it, he confesses that he would *love* to let William throw everything away but he can't because of his sister. Pointing at Dolores he asks if he honestly thinks he's the first one to fall for one of 'these things'. William again tries to say she's not like the others, but Logan is utterly derisive at the idea that she's different, and if she's so special it's "Only right that you share then!"

Dolores snarling that someone better burn it clean, grabs the knife from his hand, slashing his face. As she runs for a gun, Logan yells that she's not different, she's broken, before he dives for cover, Dolores killing two soldiers before William tells her to run. That he'll find her. When she takes off into the dark, Logan roars at his men to go after her. As she runs through the trees, gun in one hand, clutching her stomach with the other, the soldiers yelling after her, she falls. Looking back over her shoulder, she once again hears "Remember," Everything going quiet, she looks around hearing and seeing no sign of the soldiers. Standing up she looks down at herself and finds herself perfectly fine, her wound completely gone, no trace of blood or damage to her clothes. Confused, she looks around again, before running on.

At the camp in the Hills, Angela wakes Teddy up, pouring water from the canteen onto his face. Teddy grimacing in pain from the arrow she stabbed him with, still sticking out of his shoulder. Crouching down beside him, she touches his face affectionately, again calling him Theodore and welcoming him back, before pulling the arrow out. Across from them, the still bound MiB accuses Teddy of 'really landing them in it this time'. Angela's face hardening she rises up, as the MiB tells Teddy that he 'Tracked down the very whore that could lead them to the gatekeeper of the Maze, and then your little memory glitch fucked us'. Crouching down in front of the MiB, Angela draws out his hunting knife and with quiet malevolence indicates for him to shut up, as Teddy looks around to see Wyatt's followers scavenging the dead bodies around them for body parts, for souvenirs.

In the Confederado camp the following morning, Logan wakes from a drunken stupor, on the ground and hungover. So badly hungover that, as he makes his way towards a bottle on the ground, he fails to notice Confederado bodies, and limbs, scattered around him, until he blurrily comes across a severed leg with a servo motor joint still twitching. Looking up and around him he discovers that William has killed and dismembered all of the Confederados in the area. William's voice noting he's awake startles him, and on reaching for his gun he finds it gone, as William unfurls himself from where he's hunched on a low stool. His hands and faced bloodied, he holds the same knife Logan used to gut Dolores saying "You said this place was a game. Last night I finally understood how to play it." 041b061a72


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