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Paramore - Looking Up (Audio)

Paramore are looking at a massive 2023 touring schedule, with dates in North America and beyondParamore are back in a major way. The famed alternative pop-rock band has announced a 26-city North American arena tour in 2023, in addition to a bevy of overseas dates. Openers on the North American run incluce Foals, Bloc Party, The Linda Lindas and Genesis Owusu.

Paramore - Looking Up (Audio)


The last release I am looking forward to is new music from 208. 208 is a two-piece band composed of two of the coolest beings I have ever met. Kyle and Shelby are both passionate about printmaking, music and all things to do with the Detroit community. Their sound is raw, fuzzy and uncontrolled, yet beautifully harmonious. You can find their latest releases on Bandcamp right now. 041b061a72


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