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Statement by Governor Jim Gilmore Regarding the Execution of Bobby Lee RamdassRICHMOND - Governor Jim Gilmore today issued the following statement on the execution of Bobby Lee Ramdass:"Within three months of his release on parole, Bobby Lee Ramdass committed six armed robberies, one attempted murder, and two murders. Ramdass committed the murder for which he ultimately received the death penalty during the course of a robbery on September 2, 1992. On the night of the murder, Ramdass entered a convenience store and ordered the clerk, Mohammad Z. Kayani, to open the store safe. Ramdass then shot Mr. Kayani in the head at point blank range because, in his words, '[Kayani] took too long.' Before he fled the convenience store, Ramdass attempted to shoot the customers who were lying on the floor, but his gun would not fire. "As a result of crimes committed during this robbery, Ramdass was convicted of capital murder, robbery, and illegal use of a firearm in the commission of the murder, and was sentenced to death. The convictions and death sentence were upheld on multiple appeals including Ramdass' most recent habeas corpus petition concerning his right to a jury instruction on parole ineligibility, which the United States Supreme Court thoroughly considered and denied on June 12, 2000."Upon a thorough review of the Petition for Clemency, the numerous court decisions regarding this case, and the circumstances of this matter, I decline to intervene." 041b061a72


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