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Super Mario 63 Download Full Version

Originally released as a demo on a number of sites, the full version was released in 2009 to SheezyArt and Newgrounds (original hosts). The game was well received, and the original community quickly outgrew it's free site and was moved to its current location at (Runouw's Website). The game has gone through several upgrades over the years, including several improvements on the Level Database, culminating in the hybrid flash and forum interface used today. There have also been tweaks to the available content in the Level Designer, including the May 2012 Update of Thwomps and Flamethrowers.

Super Mario 63 Download Full Version

The music stuttering is due to the limitations of the Web platform - not the game's optimization, nor your computer. It won't happen on the downloaded version. It might be fixed when we add a custom loading system, but maybe not.


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