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(Dub) 12 : Pork Soup Croquettes

Florida's oldest restaurant has a location in Airside E in Tampa International Airport, where travelers can order delicious Cuban food for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. In addition to their café con leche and Cuban toast, menu must-trys include the signature 1905 Salad, made with iceberg lettuce, tomato, baked ham, grated Swiss cheese, pimiento-stuffed green Spanish olives, and house-made dressing; the Original Tampa Cuban sandwich made with ham, salami, roast pork, Swiss cheese, pickle, and mustard; devil crab croquettes; and soups like Spanish bean and Cuban black bean. The café also has a full bar serving wines, mojitos, and sangria.

(Dub) 12 : Pork Soup Croquettes

Travelers at Singapore's Changi Airport can settle in to the 180-seat contemporary dining room (there are also three private rooms for groups traveling together) or select from the heated grab-and-go options at Peach Garden Chinese Dining. The chain serves traditional Chinese food, including dim sum, and offers several set menus, including a six-course set menu for two that includes an appetizer of roasted London duck with barbecue pork char siew, chilled jellyfish, and chilled chicken in Sichuan spicy sauce followed by soup of the day, steamed fish, stir-fried vegetables, noodles, and dessert.

At Ooink chef-owner Chong Boon Ooi and his wife, Jiaxin Wang, dole out vessel after vessel of silky porcine soup above Broadway and Pike in their small balmy restaurant. Electronic music befitting a Fast and the Furious sequel gently booms as diners slurp up ramen, some of which buck tradition. Take the spicy mapo tofu ramen that reimagines a classic Chinese dish as noodle soup: A shoyu and pork broth base is topped with Szechuan-style, chile-oil-imbued ground pork and soft tofu, pickled mustard, and a nest of crispy buckwheat noodles. 041b061a72


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