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How to Download and Use USP 38 NF 33 PDF Files for Free

- Legal recognition and official dates- Benefits of using USP and NF standards H2: How to access USP 38 NF 33 online for free? - Official USP website and subscription options- Alternative sources and links- Tips and precautions for downloading and using PDF files H3: What are the main features and updates of USP 38 NF 33? - General notices and requirements- Monographs and general chapters- Supplements and revisions H4: How to use USP 38 NF 33 effectively and efficiently? - Searching and browsing methods- Referencing and citing guidelines- Testing and verification procedures H2: Conclusion - Summary of main points- Call to action and feedback Table 2: Article with HTML formatting ```html What is USP 38 NF 33 and why is it important?

The United States Pharmacopeia (USP) and the National Formulary (NF) are official compendia of standards for drugs, dietary supplements, excipients, devices, and other health care products. They are published by the US Pharmacopeial Convention (USP), a scientific nonprofit organization that aims to improve public health and ensure the quality, safety, and efficacy of medicines.

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USP 38 NF 33 is the latest edition of the compendia, which was released on November 1, 2015 and became official on May 1, 2016. It consists of four volumes and includes supplements, interim revision announcements (IRAs), and revision bulletins that update the standards periodically. USP 38 NF 33 supersedes all earlier editions and is recognized in the laws and regulations of many countries around the world.

Using USP 38 NF 33 standards can provide many benefits for health care professionals, manufacturers, regulators, consumers, and researchers. Some of these benefits are:

  • Ensuring the identity, strength, purity, quality, and consistency of health care products

  • Protecting public health from counterfeit, adulterated, or substandard products

  • Facilitating the development, approval, and marketing of new products

  • Harmonizing with international standards and best practices

  • Advancing scientific innovation and knowledge

How to access USP 38 NF 33 online for free?

USP 38 NF 33 is available online in various formats and platforms. The official source is the USP website (, where users can access the compendia through a subscription or a free trial. The subscription options include online access only, online access plus print or USB flash drive, or print or USB flash drive only. The free trial allows users to access the compendia for a limited time and with some restrictions.

Alternatively, users can find other sources that offer USP 38 NF 33 in PDF format for free download. Some of these sources are:





However, users should be careful when downloading and using PDF files from unofficial sources, as they may contain errors, omissions, or malware. Some tips and precautions for using PDF files are:

  • Verify the authenticity and accuracy of the PDF file by comparing it with the official USP website or print edition

  • Use a reliable and updated antivirus software to scan the PDF file before opening it

  • Do not share or distribute the PDF file without permission from USP or the original source

  • Do not modify or alter the PDF file in any way that may affect its content or integrity

  • Cite the PDF file properly according to USP referencing and citing guidelines

What are the main features and updates of USP 38 NF 33?

USP 38 NF 33 consists of three main sections: General Notices and Requirements, Monographs, and General Chapters. Each section has its own features and updates that users should be aware of.

The General Notices and Requirements section presents the basic assumptions, definitions, and default conditions for the interpretation and application of USP and NF. It covers topics such as official articles, legal recognition, tests and assays, labeling, packaging, storage, reference standards, and interpretation of requirements. The General Notices and Requirements section was revised in USP 38 NF 33 to clarify some terms and concepts, such as dietary ingredients, dietary supplements, compounded preparations, finished devices, official substances, official products, and official titles.

The Monographs section provides specifications for individual articles recognized in USP and NF. Each monograph includes the article's official title, definition, packaging and storage requirements, labeling requirements, and tests with acceptance criteria. The Monographs section contains more than 4,000 monographs for drug substances, drug products, excipients, dietary ingredients, dietary supplements, biologics, compounded preparations, medical gases, radiopharmaceuticals, and devices. The Monographs section was updated in USP 38 NF 33 to include new monographs, revised monographs, deleted monographs, and harmonized monographs with international pharmacopeias.

The General Chapters section provides information and guidance on topics that are applicable to multiple articles or categories of articles. General chapters are divided into two types: numbered chapters () and lettered chapters (). Numbered chapters are mandatory and enforceable by regulatory authorities unless otherwise specified in a monograph. Lettered chapters are informational and not mandatory unless referenced in a monograph. The General Chapters section contains more than 200 chapters on topics such as analytical procedures, biological assays, chemical tests, microbiological tests, physical tests, pharmaceutical dosage forms, biotechnology products, compounding practices 71b2f0854b


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