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Holiday Hair and Makeup

This year the holiday parties are back! Along with thinking about what to take, you might be wondering what to wear. We have a few helpful hints when it comes to hair and makeup.

Similar to wedding hair and wedding makeup, we want to make sure it will last all night and not having to touch up during the event. As for makeup, we start with a high quality skincare regimen and primer. This will help fill in any fine lines, pores, and a good base for the foundation. Again, like wedding day makeup, we ask do you want a bold look? Soft romantic look? Do you want a full face makeup application or more of a fresh face?

If you decide to go for that famous red lip this holiday season, it is important to know the under tones in your skin, so you choose that perfect shade of red. Cooler skin tones go great with a cooler red, meaning a red with blue/purple undertone. Warmer skin tones go great with a warmer red, meaning a red with brown/orange undertone. Not sure if you are cool or warm? Cool skin tones look better in jewel tones and are washed out when wearing earth tones. Warmer skin tones look great in earth tones and look washed out when wearing jewel tones.

Shimmer is another fun add on for the holiday season, less is more with shimmer! Again like wedding makeup, remember there will be photos and shimmer does not photograph well. Highlight just a few features on your face, like your cheek bones, temples, the cleft of your lip, along your jawline to help blend any lines. Another great holiday look is to add gold and bronze shades to your eyes. You can go bold and apply to the entire lid, or keep it light and just do the middle of the eyelid, or under brow. Finish your holiday makeup with a setting spray to keep the makeup in place and help prevent oil and sweat causing your makeup to rub off.

Now, let's discuss holiday hair! Waves are still popular with straight ends, also a modern shag with fun layers for movement. Curtain bangs to frame the face as always a hit. Just like makeup, we start with professional products that help protect from heat and the environmental rays and toxins. Next, determine your hair type, this will help you choose the best products. Like wedding hair, there are a few questions to ask, is your hair dry in need of moisture and shine? Is it oily and in need dry shampoo at the root? Do you want added volume? Does it hold a style? As for hair, the tools you use help to make it easier to style. You also have to find the tools that are easier for you to use. Just like with special occasion makeup, be careful when adding shine to your hair, it can make the hair appear oily, and it can also weigh it down. This will cause it to be flat, limp and the style not holding. Finish your look with a spray, we suggest using a soft finish spray for touchable hair.

Have fun with your hair and makeup styles this holiday season. Be sure to enjoy your family, friends, and co-workers while taking selfies, and make those memories! Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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