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Bridal Hair Trends for 2022

With 2022 just beginning you may be asking yourself what will my hair look like on my wedding day? We are going to share a few 2022 Bridal Hair trends we are already seeing.

Braids are still popular this year, especially long braids, for example a fish tale or french braid flowing to the side. Braids are also a good way to update the half up half down style, with texture around the crown area like a waterfall braid. A newer braid to the day of look is the bubble braid, this trend is being seen everywhere and the wedding day is a great a day to wear this new, fun and elegant trend. Braids are fun to accessorize, which is another trend that has made its way back to the 2022 bridal hair style. If you are worried that your hair is on the thin side, ask your stylist about hair extensions. Extensions are a great way to add length, and/or volume to your hair, and there are so many options when it comes to the type of extensions you can choose.

Due to the pandemic, people were seeing their stylist less frequent, and embracing their natural texture and color. This natural low maintenance look has also found its way to wedding day hair. If you have textured hair, you have endless options when it comes to styling and again adding a trendy hair accessory, veil or flowers. Hair colors have also become low maintenance. Shadowed roots, balayage and money piece for brightness around the face, are all ways to add dimension and staying low maintenance.

Brides in 2022 are wearing their hair down for a relaxed yet classic look, this a great option for the Bride who is used to seeing herself with her hair down. You can go for the old-Hollywood glam look with a side part and deep waves. If you have a sleek look in mind, try it with a center part, this look is especially good for hair that does not a hold a curl well. Extensions can also be added to the down hair style, again adding volume and length. Go for a low maintenance approach by selecting clip in extensions.

With the relaxed theme continuing for 2022, the wedding day updo is also relaxed. We are seeing elegant chignons, modernized with a little undone look. This is created by keeping the hair loose, with pieces of hair flowing from the sides and around the face. For the Bride with fine hair, add the look of texture to the upstyle, with pulling apart the base or the pulled back sections. The updo is a great idea when thinking about the weather for the day and it is also worry free, by keeping the hair out of the face.

Soft loose curls are still trending in 2022, with the soft beach wave being requested the most. This bridal hair style also has options, choosing the type and size of curl is where your stylist will start when creating this look. The loose curl can be worn down, or in a half up half down style, and again you can add a stylish accessory or leave it simple.

You may have noticed no matter what the 2022 bridal hair style will be, you can keep it on trend with an accessory. We are seeing tiaras making a comeback this year, with the traditional crown style to beaded combs and jeweled headbands. Wedding day hair accessories are great for all hair textures, lengths and styles. Once you have decided on your wedding style, choose an accessory that will compliment the hair style, the dress, and the wedding theme. You can turn your Grandmothers broach into a beautiful hair pin, and have your something old checked off at the same time. Choose flowers for your hair that compliment your bouquet, these can be real or silk. The accessories can be simple with adding in small pearls or crystals or more eye catching with fabric bows.

We suggest using your bridal hair trial as a time to talk with your stylist. Take into consideration your dress, the neckline, will the hairstyle hide any details of your dress or jewelry? Is this style complimenting your facial features? Does this style feel like you? Are you comfortable? Overall does this bridal hairstyle make you feel beautiful? Take pictures of your dress or a similar style to your stylist, share the details of the day, the theme and style you are going for. This will help the stylist envision it all and help make it all come together. Helpful tips, know if your hair holds a style, will your hands be in your hair if you wear it down, and will the weather play a role on how your hair remains in the style that day. We recommend you find photos of styles you like, and search your stylist's IG page of past styles you like that they have created. Also at the trial go over day of timing details and vision of the bridal party hairstyles. Lastly, at your trial service make sure all the dates and times are secured and payments are explained for day of wedding hair, as well as, for the bridal party.

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