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2022 Bridal Makeup Trends

The Bridal Makeup of 2022 is all about the Natural Glow. Brides are looking for a fresher more youthful look. Since the pandemic, the fresh face has been embraced, along with showing off your personal unique beauty features.

A popular new bridal makeup trend is the Glam Fox Eye. This look is created with a soft face and heavier emphasis on the eyes. Start with winging out the upper liner, and carefully bled shadow outwards using a small angled brush. Then apply false lashes in clusters, this is done by using the largest part of the lash at the outer edge, giving the appearance of lift.

The dark smokey eyes are heading out, the new bridal makeup look is soft, with a nude eye shadow base and smudged liner. Finish the eye look with lashes. The 2022 trend for false lashes is fuller lashes, not overly dramatic, to compliment the eye.

2022 Brows are less heavy and dark. They are all about being polished and sleek. Brows can still be filled in, this helps create shape, just not overly dark.

The 2022 Bride is saying goodbye to the matte look and going for that dewy youthful look.

Dewy bridal makeup can be tricky when it comes to photos. You will want to take into consideration the weather, and your skin, and choose foundations and skincare accordingly.

Another Bridal Makeup trend is highlighting. The highlighter is applied to accent your natural bridal day glow. Again, be careful when choosing product, highlighting can cause flashback in photos, causing you to look white or oily.

Blush is back for the 2022 Bride, and it's not just for cheeks. The new trend is apply blush softly to the temples, soft pink shades always look great for bridal makeup. A hint of pink is also popular in the trend in the nude lip of 2022.

Overall, we are seeing pink tones as the 2022 bridal makeup trend, along with the nude lips, and a soft shimmer to the eyes. Have fun with new looks of 2022, embrace your unique beauty features, and remember happiness is the secret to all beauty.

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