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Peter Lavrentiev

100 Greatest Dance Hits Of The 90s Torrent

i am what i am was a hit on the strength of its title and its irresistible mix of gospel and disco. but though the song still sounds cool today, its persistent combination of weirdness and groove has long made it something of a dancefloor oddity. and that means its an invaluable addition to this anthology, capturing a unique moment in dance music history with its sweet-eyed southern belle lead vocal, its manic swingin bassline, and its beguiling chorus. its still a supremely infectious track, but its been around a long time and needs to become less of a curiosity and more of an evergreen staple.

100 greatest dance hits of the 90s torrent

as the decade ended, dannys fall to the floor began to heal. its look was no longer that of a wallflower - when puffy danced onstage, he had a swagger, a confidence, that had never been seen in hip-hop before. and puff, as he was known, exuded an almost peacocking sexiness, the stuff of which legends are made. the single that would make dannys fall - and shatter the rest of the world - was simply called slow jamz. a testament to the cyclical nature of pop culture, it wasnt so much a pop song as it was a song that would become a pop song, the result of a shake-up in the music industry that saw the consolidation of hip-hop and r&b in a single sound with a single song. gonzalez

when it comes to the poodle dance, you cant be too careful. even in a room of tiny midwestern bars and suburban town houses, some people are just more inclined to nip nips than others. and if youre not careful, you could wind up being their next victim. a boy named david is set to be the next victim, until he discovers a boy named anselmo and learns the secret of the poodle dance. david hesitates to learn the secret because, well, hes kinda shy and hes never really been attracted to any girl before. when anselmo explains that every girl likes a man who knows the poodle dance, david doesnt know what to do. hes a dumb high school student, hes gonna have to follow the poodle dance manual, so hes gonna have to learn it. henderson


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