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Here it may be objected, that the Turke is Lord of the land of Canaan already: I grant it, but when the time shall come for the calling of the Iewes, which Master Mede conceaved should be wrought in a strange manner, by the appearing of Christ unto them, as he appeared unto Paul at his conversion: Saint Paul acknowledging that grace to have been shewed to him first, implying, that the like grace should be shewed to others after him. Then I say, upon this their conversion, they shall gather themselves together from all places toward the land of Canaan, where shall be the place of Christs throne in his glorious kingdome here on earth: upon which coming of the Iewes into the land of Canaan, the Grand Seignior will be moved to raise all his power gathered together out of all Nations under him to oppose them, and at first shall prevaile, as we read, Ezekiel 28. and Zachariah 14. in the beginning: but in the issue the Iewes shall prevaile. For Saviours shall come up on Mount SION, and the Kingdome shall bee the Lords, Obadiah 21. Thither shall the Lord cause his Mightie ones to come downe. Let the Heathen bee awakened, and come up to the valley of Iehoshaphat: for there will I sit to judge all the Heath [...]n round about, Joel 3. 11, 12. And the Lord shall be King over all the earth, in that day shall [Page] there bee one Lord, and his Name One, Zachariah 14. 9. So that this implies the calling of the Iewes a little before. And whereas both Gog and Magog, shall be destoyed by fire, Ezechiel 39. and the Man of sinne by fire, 2. Thessalonians 2. Master Mede was of opinion that all this is but one and the same fire, even the fire that shall bee at Christs comming, 2. Thessalonians 1. 8. and 2. 8. Then follows the second Resurrection of the dead, and Christs Kingdom, the contents of the seaventh Trumpet, Revelation 11. 15. Even so come Lord Iesus, Come quickly.

ls land issue 25 retro ladies set 20 rar


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