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Ferrari has cracked the code in recent years and has been consistently producing mid-engined V8 supercars that continually top most journalists' and motoring professionals' lists of best driving cars in the world. The 458 set the benchmark for modern supercars when it was launched back in 2009, replacing the excellent F430. Since then, Ferrari's 4-Series cars have grown from strength to strength, becoming sharper, faster, and more comfortable as time goes by. The F8 Tributo is at the forefront of that evolution, and it is better than the 488GTB it replaces in almost every way. It also has the awesomely cool bragging rights of being the most powerful production V8 powered Ferrari to have ever been built, producing a face-bruising 710 hp and 568 lb-ft of torque. Everything has been fettled on the F8, including aerodynamics, suspension setup, interior design, and engine. The McLaren 720s might be faster overall, but it can't touch the F8 Tributo in terms of responsiveness and emotion. What a time to be alive.

Mini Motor Racing EVO Full Crack [addons]l


Veratron GOAt a mere 2.4 inches in diameter, the Veratron GO is the smallest NMEA 2000 certified GNSS antenna on the market. Truly plug-and-play, the high-performance integrated GPS, GLONASS and Galileo receiver is available in two navigation models and a Bluetooth version for monitoring onboard networked systems. Built for continual outdoor exposure and the occasional hard knock, Veratron GO has a white ASA plastic, UV-resistant housing. The bottom is resin-filled and fully air-sealed. It has a minimal 0.6-inch cut-out size for the DeviceNet M12 connector. At 2.2 ounces, it adds minimal weight aloft.

V-airways (victor airways): Victor airways are the pre-charted airways that are defined by a series of VORs. Pilots fly from VOR to VOR until they reach their destination, thereby staying on a V-airway. Each segment of the V-airway thoughtfully lists the minimum altitude that pilots can fly that airway segment with to avoid crashing.


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